The fox and the crow are getting married?!

When it rains like it did today, that is when the weather is sunny and raining at the same time, as children we would knowingly nod, ‘Fox and the crow are getting wedded’. This must have been just a comment…

'Bugger you escaped. You died!'

‘Bugger you escaped. You died!’

I laughed aloud and said ‘Escaped from the entire shebang of hopeless useless miserable shit-hole life. Love, sadness, success, children, death, divorce. Every thing. You escaped it all. You must have been out in couple of minutes – lucky bum‘….

Who wants to be a farmer?

Almost no child in over 500, in 2 villages in Andra Pradesh India, wanted to be a farmer. Why? I’d say, Farming is the Great Indian Gamble. Who knows what the prices will be a few months from now for…