Learning to parent

Mr 1 was an unhappy baby for over an year. We were and still are anxious about him. Then cause he used to cry – purple cry. Now cause Mr 2 arrival means Mr 1’s life has changed irrevocably and nothing he can do about it. I too miss only-Mr 1 times in my life. Nothing either of us can do anything about. Now he is the happiest child on the block and able to articulate his emotions beyond his years. Mr 2 is generally easy to soothe, mostly, already aware that he has to share his mother. He has got the memo that says babies stop crying in their mother’s arms.

I have 2 other boys – my nephews who feel like my children. They helped me in the journey to think like a child. Mr 1 nephew will always always have my heart. He is a model child – wiser beyond his years. Mr 2 nephew is so emphatic that he can hear your thoughts before hearing you cry.

All four of them are different. I know why they smile, how their brains work and what they may say next. And still they will surprise me.

I love you boys. Even if I don’t say it often.