Disbelief in 2012

Next to the temple is a pond. The pond has many down-turned earthen pans, pieces of unexplainable stuff, along with plants, all peacefully floating in the water. The pond is quite full; if you stepped in, you wouldn’t be able to wade in even a couple of feet without bumping into any of them.

Gradually, they raise out of the pond of water; much like slowly appearing over the pond. It just gives an illusion that they are raising from the pond. If you pause and discern, each of them seem to have two overlapping forms. One bigger, more obvious form, which is what you immediately see. To see the smaller and fainter form, you need to squint a bit and look elsewhere to discern. This is who they really are. Both the forms are overlapped, independent, and held together by invisible elastic strings. There are many of them raising from the pond. They all looked very calm. Quite at peace.

One of them is a dwarf. I try squint to decipher his true form. It is a stiff-ish one but familiar, highly ornamented and has multiple hands. His outer form, the dwarf, carries a short stout stick. He climbs up and walks into temple. He settles down in the garbha griha. He sits down comfortably, I cannot discern any idol within. Perhaps the sanctorum was empty.

I am in a great hurry, but compulsively turn back to ask – Why now? And why appear after all this time?
He responds – But you did believe. Back in 2014.

Back  in 2014? Today is 2012, isn’t it? What does he mean?