An abundance of great ideas

At our studio, DIG, we have been discussing, a long while actually, but along with more concrete steps recently about doing some products together with other like-minded teams in a way which we can all share and benefit from our best strengths. We are talking with teams and like minded individuals, in development, in marketing, in design, in management, in academics… and so on. As these discussions progress, I see a clear thinking style emerge strong in our thinking: Of success, of all our successes, being one and the same. A openness in planning and sharing these successes. No ‘my idea’ – ‘your idea’ hangups. Visualization of path forward for all of us.

It’s exciting times ahead folks!

Stephen Cohey, coined a word, and explained it better as an ‘abundance mindset’. If this appears to be too simplistic & too basic, isn’t it how all great ideas appear?