All in your hands

The aha moment of today morning began here –

Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi
Karamadhye Saraswati
Karamoole Sthite Gauri
Prabhaate Karadarshanam

(Go here for translation)

Each day I recite this. And of course, you know, I try all kinds of visualizations to keep up with this – B/W, Line drawings, many sorts of abstractions – and typical one that usually wins is like a soft soothingly animated version of Ravi Verma. I typically am mighty pleased when I get the form really human-like and believable.

Anyway, today’s Aha – wasn’t about the visualisation at all. The key element in this is not the all powerful goddesses – which another day I will say, it is about. The key element is really the ‘Hands!’ the Karas.
It’s repeated thrice here (significant, don’t you agree!). Should have been clued into it earlier!

Someone, sensible somewhere figured it out. That it’s all is in our hands, in our control. It’s symbolic. Lakshmi for the ability to sustain (also represented as wealth), Saraswati for ability to persue and achieve learning (also represented as knowledge) and Gauri ability to sustain human relationships. I get it – ‘It’s all in my hands!’ So each day, morning as I look at my hands and I am telling myself ‘its all in my hands!’ – ‘I just didn’t know it!’.

But REALLY now, what IS in my control? Most things aren’t. So, imagine that these (represented by the three symbols) are and aren’t in your control. It is the actions that are in our control – the doing, the initiations to influence your sustenance, your learning and your relationships. And it is also a ‘day to day’ control model. We don’t get a complete control – its a ‘present day’ or ‘present moment’ idea. The results of the actions aren’t. (the shloka doesn’t work the results in)

Now, I feel like a complete-pseudo-modern prophet. Parroting what most Hindu Gurus probably already have said it – can’t you picture Mr. Sri Krishna himself, or Buddha, Paramahamsa, Osho, JK all sorta saying this in different words? About the control thing – that it is and it isn’t.

Not saying anything. But still pretty pleased.  😉