Who wants to be a farmer?

Almost no child in over 500, in 2 villages in Andra Pradesh India, wanted to be a farmer. Why? I’d say, Farming is the Great Indian Gamble.

Who knows what the prices will be a few months from now for a crop sown today? Who knows if it will rain, or rain incessantly when it shouldn’t? Who knows if the pesticide will help the yield? Who knows if all the months of slogging in the harsh tropical sun will be an iota of use? Who does know magic?

New Thinking? No, Thank you – Rather than try something new and add to near impossible risks. They’d rather follow an successful example. I would do too. Heck, If I were a farmer, with the amount of impossible things I have to have faith in to live each day – God and Superstition are good bets!

No. It doesn’t help a farmer to have a farm. It doesn’t keep poverty at bay. Forget respect; getting a job as a truck driver is more respectful. Hardships? A maid or a mechanic has it easy. You’d make more consistent money working as a house maid, daily labourer or a contractor. A leased farmer’s means next to impossible loans. If the farmer owns the land, he is better off selling – else in a next couple of years, he may have raise next to impossible loans and lose it all. Farming doesn’t even lock you in the same economic status, it’s a vicious downward spiral. Period.

Heck, Why are they gambling, ops sorry, farming?