Battle Swords are drawn! Worlds first information war has begun!

28th of November 2010 is going to be historic; the third world war is waged and its on the internet. This is world’s first information war and watching in the arena are millions of netizens. Wikileaks, a small whistle-blower site, against the US government. Most governments are bound to get into this fight.

Cloud is the new battlefield
One side is privy into the other’s secret information. The world’s watching the David & Goliath play out. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is putting up a brave fight. It would be hard to make internet free of Wikileaks with hundreds of mirror sites and almost zero replication costs. Perhaps that’s the reason US Government, has to hit credibility of the Assange and psyche its citizens to not access the site by oscillating between advice and threat.

Individual Voices of Democracy
Were not social networks touted as the platform for democracy? Anyone with a mobile or an internet connection has an opportunity to voice and this voice can now be measured. This was going to be the greatest tool for democracy. But will it? Twitter seemed heroic to postpone it’s maintenance when Iran Elections was going on. They were supposedly making sure Iranians had a platform to protest. Perhaps they are more bothered about their business than being heroic. In the wikileaks case, Twitter has not blocked @wikileaks account and can’t really block individuals tweeting without major backlash, but strangely wikileaks is not trending on twitter despite the spikes clearly noted here. Its easy to see that most cloud businesses don’t want to be in the war path. They didn’t choose this fight. Amazon, EveryDNS, Paypal have all quickly chosen to close Wikileaks account permanently! Rightly said, networks do great harm by appearing enough like real communities to create expectations that they can manage human & social needs.

Do you believe that this information war will be without causalities? Aren’t the citizens /netizens/ individuals shouting out? Will this be an anarchists utopia? Will the power of individuals and voice of democracy be back to where it was; a fairy tale?