Krishna and Radha at Udaipur

The City Palace museum at Udaipur offers a few hours of lookie before the mind goes entirely numb and you start to lose it!

But while you are there early on, and you have a decent camera, you are sure to capture these shots. These are windows into rooms that were used by royalty some decades ago. These have brightly colored walls with beautiful, really beautiful murals on them.
I find these places of history like wormholes in time. They transport you into their times, and you can freely imagine the king walking by one of these rooms, with this entourage debating various political stances they may assume. And imagine the overtly beautiful ladies looking down into the darbar hall, influencing some of these decisions with the dismissive wave of their fans or a subtle nod of approval.

Oh, Why do the worm holes work so well only in historical places you ask? Try walking down the streets of Udaipur and imagine the king, his entourage et all walking on the outside roads rife with Airtel Banners, SBI Atms, Hotels screaming discounts…  Doesn’t work! Nada – Just not the right props.