Photo Contest –

Recently I came upon a Photo Contest on India as a theme. I was intrigued.

Open to all, free to upload Check – This Contest Site is a product of and whose another product site is!

What does it all that mean?
You upload your best pictures (its a contest after all!) and thereby give the site permission to use your picture in any context by IndiaShots – and is not limited to IndiaShots’ advertising or promotional purposes. 

Read the fine print of the Contest rules prior to uploading your pictures on IndiaShots! Your pictures may be used as Stock pictures by IndiaShots for any purpose as deemed necessary by them.

I wonder why not?
Limit the rights on the photographs to the use of contest and contest related promotional/ advertising materials in any media but always explicitly linked to IndiaShots Contest true to the manner in which it was submitted, and always acknowledging the photographer?


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