Stop designing trash

A lot of thought & energy goes into designing the peripherals to the things we buy – say – clothes or a nick nack. Tags, stickers, bills, brand communication pamplets, carrybags etc. These peripherals – they help build identity, enhance brand value, makes a mark in the customer mind etc etc.

We bring all these peripherals home along with that thing that we buy. Once home, the thing, that we paid the money for, goes to its proper place – say cupboard or a display case. And the peripherals go to the trash bin.

We need to spend less time designing trash and plan to go beyond?

01. Stop such design. Cut the trash you send home to people. – hard to score brand points – but you score eco/ green points

02. Provide a discount for people who bring their own bags to your store – encourages such behavior – scores brand point as it sure makes a mark in your customers mind. – Scores green points – scores ethical points – a positive step in changing the mindset of people.

03. Provide a recyclable theme – bring the tags back – ‘autograph and write a message on it’ and bring it back – get a discount and reuse that tag to sell another cloth – helps build a community of people who have used the brand – scores morally as well as ethically.

What other methods can we think of?